About the UDL-IRN 2018 International Summit

Designed for ALL Learners

The UDL-IRN’s Mission is to support the design of future-ready learning environments that are equitable, beneficial, and meaningful for all learners! We believe the traditional one-size-fits all model of education is outdated and broken. We believe our future is directly tied to the next generation of learners. We believe to transform education, there is a need to empower a network of all education stakeholders. The UDL-IRN International Summit helps make our mission a reality.

For the last six years, the UDL-IRN International Summit has been a place where educators, education leaders, professors, researchers, and other stakeholders come to advance UDL. We gather to learn, network, and celebrate learner-centered education. We consider the Summit to be a different type of conference experience. We avoid having keynotes. We see the power in networking while also designing room for reflection. We aim to create non-traditional learning spaces. The goal is to create an education conference experience that allows people to feel comfortable collaborating with each other, using new learning designs that meet the variability of ALL adult learners.

Summit attendees complete activities during anInteractive Learning Session

Summit attendees complete activities during anInteractive Learning Session

Dr. Michael Kennedy presents at the 2018 Summit

Dr. Michael Kennedy presents at the 2018 Summit

2018 attendees network during the Wednesday evening social

2018 attendees network during the Wednesday evening social

The International Summit provides many ways to engage attendees; from breakout sessions to our Interactive Learning Village. Here are a few highlights of what the Summit offers:

Interactive Learning Village

The 2019 UDL-IRN International Summit takes the vision of UDL in a conference experience to a new level. This year, the UDL-IRN will expand the Interactive Learning Village. The area is intended to create an interactive space that allows people to interact with the world of learning and UDL. From this perspective it is a convergence of an interactive space, an "unconference," as well as a place to highlight both real-world and future innovations. 

hands on.png

Hands-on demonstrations

Education-maker spaces



Open houses


Interactive exhibit spaces

Highlight the potential of design in the learning environment. Engage with our community of people from individuals, small-groups, schools, centers, firms, nonprofits, and companies focused on education and learning. 


Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference Workshops are half day sessions that provide for in-depth exploration of a particular UDL topic. Attendees can expect interactive and hands on learning opportunities that address diverse learning preferences.


UDL Talks

UDL Talks are fast-paced, engaging, non-traditional presentations on ground breaking ideas or new findings relative to UDL implementation. In the past, topics included design, research, learner variability, and more. This year, there will be new topics and more big ideas.


Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions focus on a discrete implementation or research topic in more detail (e.g., timelines, start up logistics, stages of implementation, essential classroom routines, implementation effects, research results, measurement tools, model lessons). Presenters are leaders in the field and will take your UDL knowledge to the next level. 


End of Average Talks

End of Average Talks are a boiled down or “unplugged” version of our UDL Talks, made for an intimate audience of colleagues with a focus on community. These presentations are all about sharing personal stories and deep thoughts about the UDL Movement.


Interactive Learning Sessions

Different from a traditional presentation, an Interactive Session presentation provides an opportunity for presenters to interact with attendees via a hands-on demonstration, playground or lab.