2017 UDL_IRN Summit; Theme:  Connect. Learn. Transform.; March 30-31, 2017.  Preconference: March 29, 2017, Orlando, FL.  Tagline:  Where UDL Leaders Come to Learn.

UDL-IRN Summit 2017 Submission Guide

We recommend using this Proposal Submission Guide along with the Proposal Reviewer Rubric, to help plan a summit proposal prior to launching the online proposal submission process. Complete your responses in this document first, then copy and paste into the online proposal. 

Click here to download this Submission Guide  as a Microsoft Word document to prepare your submission offline.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SUBMISSION FORMAll proposals must be submitted online HERE 

Proposal Submission and Selection Process:

The review committee will select proposals for the 2017 UDL-IRN Summit based on fit within the UDL Summit Topics and the degree to which the presentation aligns to the UDL Summit Goals. Generally, presentations should add to the UDL implementation and/or the implementation and research knowledge base, provide conference participants with useful methods, tools, or measures of quality and sustainable implementation, and engage participants in an interactive format.

The Proposal:

The following information will be needed to complete the proposal online:

Part One: General Information for Primary Presenter/Author (and each co-presenter)

  • Name of the Organization affiliation
  • Preferred mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number (including mobile phone number)
  • Professional experience (75-100 words)
  • Brief description of your work within the field of UDL (50-75 words)
  • Willingness to share a personal photo (yes/no)
  • Willingness to share your resources (yes/no)
  • Willingness for your session to be recorded for distribution online (yes/no)
  • Willingness to submit a narrative submission of your presentation for the conference proceeding (yes/no)
  • Willingness to provide closed captioning for videos used as part of the presentation (resources will be provided to support you in this) (yes/no)

Part Two: Presentation Description (Descriptions can be submitted as a text-based abstract or as a link to a multimedia format.)

  • Presentation title (maximum 15 words)
  • Presentation topic (ideally, based on one or more of the conference topics)
  • Presentation format (Pre Conference, UDL Talk, Breakout Session, Interactive Networking Session)
  • Brief Abstract of your proposal: (75-100 words). This will be the abstract used in the conference program. Please adhere to the word limit.
  • Measurable participant outcomes (2-4)
  • Description: Up to 500 words, or up to an 8-minute video, or another form of multi media. Provide a detailed description of your proposal with attention to the selection criteria as outlined below. Videos should be submitted by providing a link to YouTube or Vimeo.

Selection Criteria: (For full description see Reviewer Rubric)

  • Rationale for the presentation
  • Usefulness to practitioners and researchers
  • Measurable participant outcomes
  • Relevance to others interested in UDL implementation
  • Evidence of the effectiveness of the practice or content presented
  • Willingness to agree to conference requirements

Proposal Time Allotment. If you have prepared all of these materials, we estimate that this application will require 10 minutes to complete. (Using Google forms, you can return to your CFP to edit your responses after submitting.)  We recommend you complete your responses in in this document first, then copy and paste into the online proposal.

All proposals must be submitted online.