If you're looking for a traditional vendor area, you have come to the wrong place! For the last six years, the UDL-IRN International Summit has been a gathering where we celebrate learning through experiences that engage participants in a variety of ways. We consider the Summit to be a different type of conference experience. We avoid having keynotes. We see the power in networking while also designing room for reflection. We aim to create non-traditional vendor spaces. The goal is to create a conference experience that allows people to feel comfortable collaborating with each other, using new learning designs that meet the variability of ALL adult learners.

To learn more about the marketing opportunities available for the 2020 Summit, please email McKenzie Nicholis at mckenzie.nicholis@udl-irn.org

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So how do we make this happen?

Our International Summit is the largest, premiere, UDL networking and learning event each year. This year, we are excited to continue to expand our Interactive Learning Village. This is a large, dynamic space designed for all attendees to interact with organizations, individuals, and communities making a difference in the field of UDL. We have done away with the traditional vendor hall and created an environment in which UDL professionals from all fields can see the impact industry leaders are having on education. 

Draw attention to your presentation or exhibit in a high traffic, interactive space designed with individualization in mind. Engage with participants in the Design Lab. Stop by the refreshment stand and chat with administrators, consultants, teachers, and professional development providers (to name a few!). This space is designed for meaningful conversations, networking, and progress.



Where are Summit attendees from?

As the Summit has grown, we see great representation from throughout the US and several countries at all different levels of education leadership. Countries represented at past conferences have included Ireland, Belgium, US, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Japan, and Canada.




Who attends the Summit?

The Summit attendees are educators, administrators, researchers, and industry consultants from across the globe, representing a variety of end-user, buyer, and influencer roles.   

What if we don't want to exhibit in the Interactive Learning Village?

Don't think this area is for you? Not to worry! There are a variety of other ways to get involved. Here are a few examples of what you can sponsor:

  • Accessibility Services

  • Event Program App

  • Live Streaming

  • Presentations / Sessions

  • Virtual Site Visits

  • And so much more!


From being our Coffee Hero of the day to sponsoring a UDL Talk, there is something for everyone. Get creative and contact us today with your ideas!

We have limited space available, so reach out to reserve your marketing / sponsorship opportunity soon! To learn more, email McKenzie Nicholis at mckenzie.nicholis@udl-irn.org